High Velocity Wax Art

Inspired by my Uncle Doug Mehrens, who has been making encaustic wax art for over three decades, i have embarked on a new artistic journey myself.

Currently i am using Crayola Crayons, which are filled into condoms and then boiled in hot water until they melt. The melted waxballoons are then dropped from different heights on an impact point in a theatre of canvasses, which cpture the motions and forces in action.

This was the first technique used. Since any dissolution of the wax in the water, results in oily water, which is aggressive towards latex. This is clearly stated on the package, and should be known to everyone, that oil and its relatives, corrode latex condoms. 

Anyhow, since the water bath was problematic, or more work than necesary, i've opted for melting the wax/crayons in a pot an then pouring the hot wax through a funnel into the condom & then tying a knot in it. The height to weight ratio, to reach the needed velocity to burst upo impact should be around 5 meters minimum.

In the first two series I used regular purchased canvases. In Series three i used fitted jersey bedsheets on frames i put together myself. One piece, has a lovely asymetricasl shape, which gives it a lovely touch. The fifth series was made on self-pieced stretcher-frames with a natural cotton screen. As first variations, the base plate was fractured into five differently sized pieces. Some of the side screens where partitioned as well. In the sixth series, I have chosen to change the base altogether. This time, mirrors are the base of this concoction. Since the surface is not exactly wax-friendly, they where all primed with different types of polyesther resin to welcome the wax. Some surfaces where taped prior to priming and waxing. These tapes where removed, to recover some intact, non-blurred surfaces.