Why, how & what not...

The Why:

When I was young, making own mixes was tricky. My first stereo was a car radio, with an external amp, to substitute the car battery. Playing standard tapes, just wouldn't cut it. So, how do you get the "Latest" MTV live mashup in your mix, since that track isn't available or published yet? Hook up the show, to a tapedeck, record and cut it and find a way to get transferred to your set! 

Times pass. Jobs and life get in the way. The craving for experiments is subdued by the constant, raving beat of a global machine.

As most, i was not "really" aware what was happening while i was busy. of course keeping up with dj software is not the issue. but something happened "behind" the scenes. what i always wished for, had actually become a reality. a maschine that could capture and play the small segments of my favorite tunes. That some Artists/producers where actually releasing their tracks in this broken fashion had completely passed me by. 

That a Berlin based company had issued a controller with so called remix decks, that supported the instant implementation and alteration of an Entire Track blew my mind!

Sometimes, there is a window, to look back, and take hold of our old wishes and desires. Carpe diem!!!

The how:

a frined of mine was selling some spare equipment and i was curious. to make the story short, i bought the stuff and have dived right down the rabbit hole!

the result is pure amazement!

in the meantime i have upgraded. The entire setup now includes following products:


2 x NI D2

Techniks MK2

USB Keyboard

Roland Drum Maschine

The Remix Decks are the sweetest thing i have ever discovered. Making your own samples and drum loops, without really using a DAW unleashes so much creativity! i can only recommend, especially for hobbyist with a drive:

take the leap of faith and embrace Native Instruments Remix decks!!

The What not...:

now, i have a decent set of "Traktor Remix Sets" to mix & match or distort the purchased popoular tracks.

nonetheless, i am constantingly enhancing my library with homemade vinyl and digital samples to at somepoint release my own sets and remixes.

please like or dislike & comment on all possible platfomrs. not only, to embrace and cherish your input and critique, but also to increase virality and engagement!

Love, peace, & Discofinger!!!