About us:

Wachstumsphase sees aquaponic and hydroponic growing, its development and refinement as a complementary addition to healthy lifestyle. 


Better Food, Better Life.


Saladbar 1.0


The first prototype is a modified 4 x 4 square shelf with symmetrical cubicles. In this first version, the first two floors where equipped with special LED grow lamps (full spectrum) and a customized water circulation system. This ensures each tray and netpot have ample supply of oxygen rich water.

This first shelf has gone through more than a handful of cycles in different environments and has proven to be very efficient. The different settings have been useful to gather information on variations between natural lighting, artificial lighting, airflow and humidity.

Future Shelves


Constantly moving and modifiying this first prototype shelf and placing it in different environments is delivering beneficial insights. In the future e will modify a bigger shelf equipped with a customized aquaponic water circulation system. The second shelf is being built as you read. We will of course keep you updated in all the spaces we can reach you.

Functional Furniture

by Wachstumsphase